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When your body hurts, it affects your entire life. At PRIMed, our physicians don’t want to accept that you have to live life with pain. Whether from a soft tissue injury, cartilage damage or a more chronic condition, such as osteoarthritis, pain hurts.

You don’t have to give up what you love because of pain. PRIMed can help you REPAIR, RESTORE and REVITALIZE your joints and cartilage and get you going again.

We are pioneers
in the use of

regenerative medicine.

Jason Lewis, M.D.

Dr. Lewis is certified by the American Board of Anesthesia in Anesthesia with a sub-specialty certification in Pain Medicine and holds a Kentucky and Indiana Medical License. Dr. Lewis earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Louisville in 2004 and has since completed a General Surgery Internship, Anesthesia Residency, and a Pain Medicine Fellowship. Dr. Lewis is a Diplomat of the Board of Anesthesia, and member of American Society of Anesthesia, Kentucky Society of Anesthesia, American Medical Association, Greater Louisville Medical Society, and Kentucky Medical Association. He has worked as a faculty member at University of Louisville’s Department of Anesthesia and as a Staff Physician/Pain Medicine Liaison at a major hospital. Dr. Lewis also has his private pilot’s license and is an FAA aviation medical examiner.

Kyle Young, M.D.

Dr. Young is Board Certified in the specialties of pain management and anesthesiology. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in microbiology in 2001 and obtained his M.D. from the Medical College of Georgia in 2005. While completing his residency in Anesthesiology at the University of Louisville in Louisville, KY, he also served as Head of Medical Student Recruitment and was a member of the Resident Review Committee and Curriculum Committee. Dr. Young chose to continue his education and pursue a fellowship in pain management at the University of Louisville because of his desire to have an impact on his patients’ lives. The specialty of Interventional Pain Management affords Dr. Young the potential for long-term rewarding relationships with his patients. Prior to joining the Evansville community in 2012, Dr. Young was in private practice in Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Young is licensed in both Kentucky and Indiana.

When your body hurts,
it affects your entire life.

At PRIMed we can offer state of the art procedure suites, mild sedation, xray and ultrasound guided injections. We also employ cutting edge treatments in regenerative medicine such as Alpha 2 Macroglobulin (A2M) injections.

A2M is a preexisting molecule that can be found in your blood produced naturally by your liver to remove proteases associated with cartilage cell and tissue breakdown within the joint or disc space. An A2M injection contains a concentrated dose 6x more than what already occurs in your blood naturally. When this level of A2M is placed directly into your joint or disc space, it can provide the necessary amount of A2M to bind and remove destructive proteases associated with cartilage cell and tissue breakdown within the joint or disc space.

Another ground breaking treatment uses Human Amniotic Therapy. While 100% Pure Amniotic Fluid contains an impressive array of regenerative factors, there are no live stem cells, dead tissue, or debris in this product, as the FDA does not allow for stem cells to be present in any amniotic based product at this time. The product is intended to enable your body’s ability to repair itself by recruiting your own cells to do the work.

All 100% Pure Amniotic Fluid products are volunteered from pre-screened, healthy donors who have been thoroughly tested for disease, and obtained during full-term caesarian births – what an incredible gift with the blessing of life!

In addition, we also employ the use of your own body’s Bone Marrow Aspirated Stem Cells. These cells have been shown to have tremendous regenerative capabilities. Because of their high potency, physicians have used them in a wide variety of regenerative medicine treatment applications, including wound healing, cardiovascular grafts, soft tissue and cartilage repair, neurodegenerative diseases, post-mastectomy repair, and cosmetic applications.

Let us introduce you to how regenerative medicine can help you feel better.

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